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Do You Want To Know Where A Local Coffee Shop Is?

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Road Trip Shopping Passport

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You can find small-town wonder off the beaten path and encounter mouthwatering local delicacies, fresh produce, delightful drinks, boutiques and more!

About me.....

Hi! My name is Wendi.

I am on a mission to make it easy to find and shop local.

As a shop owner in a small Nebraska town, I have shared many maps and notes with customers wanting to find

other amazing places like yours.

It's something I love sharing about my area and

supporting other local shop owners!

I'm also a Road Trip Shopper!

Over the years I realized that sometimes it's not easy

to find the local shops.

I wanted an easier way.

So I created an easier way.

That's when Road Trip Shopping Passport was born.

I can't wait to share it with you!

It's a nationwide, easy to use mobile platform that

brings shoppers and shop owners together.

It makes it easy for local shop lovers

to find locally owned businesses!

How it works...

For Shoppers:

Click the link "Get Yours" and register.

It's Free.

Get Discounts and earn rewards.

Finally, an easy way to find and shop local.

Be patient and check the directory often because we are

just getting started!

For the Business Owner:

An easy strategy outside of social media to be seen.

Increase the awareness that your amazing business is OPEN.

Your listing helps more customers find you.

Click the link to register

Receive a limited time special offer to get your business listed.

It starts with you, the business owner owner

Join our membership and list your business for customers to easily

find you!

Local shop lovers find you on Road Trip Shopping Passport

Your membership delivers your shop information & location directly to your customers fingertips.

More foot traffic through your door

Road trip shoppers can find you both in-person and online using Road Trip Shopping Passport.

More Customers = More Sales!

What we have heard about

Road Trip Shopping Passport

"This is a great idea and makes finding and supporting local so easy. Even in my area, I will be able to find places I didn't know about."


Melissa H.

Road Trip Shopper

"I love finding places off the beaten path. I know they might not get as much attention as main street shops."


Mary F.

Locally Owned Biz Lover

"I am excited to see what happens as the passport grows and more people find out about my shop."


Shop Owner

"People from all over are going to able to shop with me online.

I can't wait!"


Shop Owner

"So many customers tell me they don't use social media. I am thrilled to have another option."


Shop Owner

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